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Social media offers all businesses the chance to have their voices heard online, and even reveal some personality behind what can often be a bland or faceless corporation – take a look at the Twitter feed for Iceland foods, for instance…

And it can also be a great way to communicate with customers, to answer queries and even defend against negative feedback. And, arguably best of all, it’s completely free – there are paid options you can take up to promote your postings, which can be an effective way to generate leads, but the free platforms are perfectly suitable for the day-to-day needs of your business.

But, as with any customer-facing communications, social media is not without its pitfalls – make sure you avoid these three social media mistakes…

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Social media has been around for the best part of 40 years – Usenet appeared in 1979 and is the first recorded network that enabled users to post news to newsgroups.

Although these Usenets and similar bulletin boards heralded the launch of the first, albeit very rudimentary, social networks, social media never really took off until almost 30 years later, following the roll out of Facebook in 2006.

So, what exactly is the state of social media in 2018?

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If you’ve got a customer-facing business, an active presence on social media is a must, not least because it offers:

  • A great way to raise awareness of your brand, and build advocacy
  • An effective platform for promoting products and special offers
  • A way to interact with customers and resolve complaints.

Get it wrong though, and it can be disastrous for both your brand and your business – so here’s how to turn a social media complaint into a success story.

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