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Here at, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s best conference call service – calls to anywhere in the world, for up to 100 participants, can be set up quickly and easily, and our crystal clear sound quality and in-call controls mean no-one will miss a second of the meeting.

And if you have to take minutes, our in-call recording feature means you can go back through the entire call after its finished, to pick out key points and actions.

Find out why we’re the UK’s best conference call service.

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Our homes are getting smarter Рwe control smart speakers all around the home with our voices, control our thermostats from anywhere with smart heating, and control the ambiance with smart lighting. There are even smart fridges that which are programmed to sense what kinds of products are stored inside it and keep a track of the stock through barcode or RFID scanning.

These gadgets all have one thing in common, they’re constantly online. And anything that’s always connected can be used in a cyber attack. And the older the connected tech, the easier it is to hack into.

So, is it time smart tech came with a ‘use by’ date?

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It doesn’t seem like the first coronavirus wave has ended and already there’s talk of preparing for the second wave. But with the cold weather on its way back, government support schemes coming to an end, it’s going to be a tough end to the year, regardless of whether or not there is a second wave of Covid-19.

UK businesses are still feeling the effects of the first coronavirus outbreak and lockdown – many still haven’t had the chance to reopen – and are now being asked to prepare for the second wave. If you’re in the payments industry, here are some ways to stay competitive if there is another downturn.

The rumors of the second COVID-19 wave have been circling the market. With a significant number of vendors still battling the consequences of the first siege of the pandemic, keeping in mind what measures could mitigate the impact could be the difference between a ‘crash and burn’ and staying afloat.

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It’s not unusual to hate your job, your boss, your colleagues, your commute – even if it’s just the odd moment of despair, we all go through times where we feel like flipping our desk and walking out. The important thing to remember is that you work to live, it’s a means to an end, it’s not the be all and end all – once that dynamic is flipped on its head, and you live to work, it’s time to re-evaluate things, else your work-life could be the death of you.

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